How can Glen Park be safer?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We're all BUDDIES now.

C.W. Nevius - San Francisco Chronicle September 4, 2008

Glen Park at tipping point on violent crime

Jennie Park keeps crying. She doesn't mean to but the tears bubble up unexpectedly.

Certainly she is deeply gratified that so many of her Glen Park neighbors are stopping by her store, Buddies Market, to ask about her husband, Paul. Friday night, at closing time, he was beaten, tied up, stabbed and robbed. He's better, Jennie says, but she can't shake the fact that one of the knife blows nicked his liver and her 53-year-old husband nearly bled to death on the store floor.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Paul is looking to survive this horrible incident. I'm no longer in the neighborhood, but I miss everyone!!
Get Well Paul Park!!

-a "Buddy"

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr. Park heals physically and emotionally; he's been one of the wonderful reasons why we love our neighborhood. I also hope we catch those sadistic little jerks SOON.