How can Glen Park be safer?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Glen Park Community Meeting scheduled

A special meeting of the Glen Park Association, co-sponsored with the Glen Park Merchants Association is scheduled for 7:00 p.m., Monday, September 8th at St. John’s School, 925 Chenery Street (near Swiss).

The Glen Park Merchant’s Association has set up a special account for donations to Mr. Park at Citi Bank at the corner of Diamond and Bosworth streets. Donations to help defray the costs of Mr. Park’s medical expenses can be made there. ~~ Additionally, donations of blood can be made in Mr. Park’s name by calling Irwin Memorial Blood Center at 749-6655. Blood donations in his name will help defray the costs of blood that he has required while at SFGH. ~~


Anonymous said...

Why is no one here talking about what Glen Park really needs, which is CCW (concealed handgun permit) issuance? The poll had five options, none of which will be effective. 40 states, including every other mainland state west of the Mississippi, issue CCW permits to all citizens who have clean records and meet the training and other requirements. It frightens criminals. California is one of the few states left that doesn't issue CCWs as a routine matter. Chief Fong should should ashamed that she is putting political correctness and the Brady Campaign agenda over the safety of San Francisco. It's time to replace her with a chief who will issue permits on a "shall-issue" basis. Glen Park should be demanding this.

Anonymous said...

Let's start talking about a business district and hiring security. I live two blocks up and you can loop me in. SFPD won't help us, Bevan won't help us, Kamala won't help us. Neither the department, nor the DA nor the political process is ready to deal with SF's rising crime rate. The answer is to tax ourselves, hire security for the area between 4 and midnight and protect ourselves and our neighborhood.